The vaults that were built by Vault-Tec in light of the upcoming nuclear war in the Fallout universe were marketed as fallout shelters that would provide safe haven for its inhabitants against the massive destruction of the nuclear missiles.  However, these vaults were really designed to run human social experimentation on the surviving populace of the nuclear war.  These experiments can run from harmless to incredibly deadly all the way up to insane.  Here are all of the known crazy vault stories/vault experiments that went on in the Vault-Tec vaults.

Vault 0

The Calculator as seen in Fallout: Tactics
This vault was meant to watch over and monitor all other vaults that were produced by Vault-Tec, keeping watch and collecting data from all the various experiments. It also housed the best and brightest minds of pre-war America, ranging from military to science.  These people were prioritized as number one and were given the equivalent of the presidential suite of Vault-Tec vaults.  However, something that made this experience not so presidential is the fact that these individuals had their brains surgically removed and implanted into something called the ‘Calculator’, a supercomputer that controlled Vault 0 and acted as its overseer.

Vault 3

This ‘control vault’ opened 20 years after the Great War (The nuclear war that wiped out all of humanity for those of you who are not Fallout veterans.) However, despite its intended open date, the inhabitants of Vault 3 kept the vault closed longer than 20 years.  Sooner or later, due to an unplanned and incurable water leak, the inhabitants of Vault 3 were forced into the Wasteland.  They hoped to trade with locals in order to survive and rebuild humanity, however, a gang of raiders called the Fiends killed all of the former inhabitants and took Vault 3 as their base.

Vault 6

Once a day, small doses of radiation was leaked into the vault’s interior.  The inhabitants of this vault were mutated into Feral Ghouls (Ghouls that have lost their ability to reason and have since become aggressive).

Vault 8

Vault City Downtown from Fallout 2
A control vault, this vault became Vault City when it opened in 2091 after receiving the all-clear signal from the Enclave. Vault City was built around Vault 8 using its fusion generator as a power source and a G.E.C.K (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) to power its infrastructure.

Vault 11

This vault took part in a massive social experiment, wherein the inhabitants of the vault had to choose one person to sacrifice each year or everyone in the vault would be killed.  This tradition went on until only 5 of the inhabitants were left alive.  These 5 individuals refused to choose a sacrifice due to their inability to continue.  The survivors were then told the true nature of the experiment, that the sacrifices were never necessary and the individuals who were left standing were “shining examples of humanity”.  4 of the 5 survivors then decided to commit suicide, not being able to cope with the mindless killing of the vault-mates.  The last survivor of Vault 11’s fate is unknown.

Necropolis in Fallout

Vault 12

This vault was designed to measure the effects of radiation on the human body, thus this vault’s door never actually closed.  Radiation leaked into the inside of the vault and many of the inhabitants became Ghouls (decrepit, rotting, zombie-like mutants).  The city of Necropolis was founded by the ghoul survivors of Vault 12.

  Vault 19

The population of this vault was separated into two groups: Red and Blue. (Team Fortress 2 of the Post-Apocalyptic world).  The two groups lived in separate sections of the vault and the inhabitants were chosen due to their pre-existing paranoia.

The interior of Vault 22 in Fallout: New Vegas

Vault 22

This vault was a ‘green’ vault designed to conduct experiments in agricultural technology. Upon entering the vault scientists brought three live species with them to study; 
-The common mantis, a plant similar to the Venus fly trap 
-Mordicana fungus designed at Big MT to kill the most common pests. 
It was this fungus that would eventually lead to the demise of the vault as its spores proved toxic and mutagenic to humans, and turned the vault’s inhabitants into spore carriers.

Vault 27

This vault was intentionally overcrowded with double the normal sustainable amount of a Vault-Tec vault, a whopping 2000 people.

Vault 29

No one over the age of 15 entered this vault.  Parents of these children were intentionally redirected to other vaults. This vault was also replaced with an AI as its overseer. Lots of parties were probably held here.

The inside of Vault 34 from Fallout: New Vegas

Vault 34

This vault was overstocked with weapons and ammunition, but not provided with a lock for them. The Boomers are descendants of the residents of this vault.

Vault 43

The inhabitants of this vault were locked inside with a live panther.

Vault 53

Most of the equipment that was found in this vault was designed to break down every now and again, testing the effects of stress on its inhabitants.

Vault 55

All entertainment tapes were removed. No comedy for these poor souls.

Vault 68

This vault contained 999 men and one woman.

Vault 69

This vault contained 999 women and one man.  This vault’s name is undoubtedly a pun on the side of Bethesda Studios due to the number 69’s infamous sexual nature on the internet.

Vault 75

This vault involved experiments that were meant to improve the human genome.

Vault 77

Strip from One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
This vault was constructed in a small cave and the definite location is currently unknown.  This vault only had one occupant, who was kept company by nothing other than a crate of puppets.  Due to the human nature of needing social interaction, this occupant went insane from isolation and confinement, eventually escaping and becoming the infamous serial killer known as The Puppet Man. A Vault 77 jumpsuit can be found in Paradise Falls next to an audio recording of a worried slaver who pleads with his fellows to get rid of the thing or ‘he’ would come back. The Puppet Man has his own exclusive comic, “One man, and a Crate of Puppets”. 

Vault 81

The residents of this vault were subjected to experimentations involving research for antibodies and diseases. This vault also had an entire wing cut off from it.

A corridor in Vault 87 from Fallout 3

Vault 87

The original inhabitants of this vault were taken to airtight chambers and exposed to concentrations of a variant of the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus). This vault is the birthplace of the Super Mutants.

Vault 92

A vault in which renowned musicians resided, this vault was designed to test to see if white noise that came from music could be used as a weapon.

Vault 95

The residents of this vault were all drug abuse victims.

Vault 101

The inside of Vault 101 from Fallout 3
A vault that was never intended to open, this vault tested the effects of a dictatorial overseer in a closed environment.

Vault 106

Ten days after being sealed, psychoactive drugs were put into the air supply in an attempt to use hallucinogens to keep the populace calm.  The only people left from this vault are madmen who have stumbled across it and have succumbed to the hallucinogenic effects of the drugs.

Vault 108

This vault was initially designed to study leadership and power.  It had a power supply that was intended to fail early and triple the weapon supply.  It also had a cloning lab, which produced multiple copies of ‘Gary’ and each became hostile to anyone except for ‘Gary’.

The main entrance to Vault 111 from Fallout 4

Vault 111

This vault involved cryogenic stasis in order to keep their subjects suspended in animation for a prolonged period of time.  The longest amount of time someone has stayed in stasis in this vault is 200 years. 

Vault 112

This vault was to attend to the needs and whims of Dr. Sanislaus Braun, creator of the G.E.C.K. This vaulted housed an array of “Tranquility Loungers”, which were virtual reality devices that let the inhabitants live out their lives in computer-generated simulations.  These simulations were under the sadistic control of Dr. Braun, and often involved the inhabitants being brutally murdered, brought back to life through the VR, and killed again in Braun’s own design.

Vault 114

A similar design to Vault 0, this vault was meant to house high ranking officials and their families.

Secret Vault

This vault was meant to house Vault-Tec officials and research the latest technologies such as electrical laser weapons and the FEV.

And that’s all I got on the status of experimentations in Vault-Tec vaults! If there are any that I missed be sure to let me know. Hope you liked it!