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In the wake of Avengers: Infinity War it seems that we have been forgetting something as of late.  Something that blew us away a couple of years ago in February and we haven’t really been the same since.  Something…or someone rather, who for some reason loves the velvety touch of red spandex on his scar-riddled skin.  Yes my friends today we will be talking about Deadpool 2, the film that is at risk of being an afterthought of Avengers: Infinity War.  I, for one, am still extremely excited to see this film and have high expectations for what it can bring to the table in order to build upon what it did the first time around.  So let’s take a look shall we?

It’s Going to Be Better

Deadpool in Deadpool 2

The trouble with a lot of sequels is trying to encapsulate the charm and appeal that the first one brought to audiences.  This is especially true when the sequels acquire a different director than their predecessor, and Deadpool 2 is in that boat.  However, in this instance, I am willing to say that it will be beneficial for the sequel to have a change in the director’s chair.  Not only is David Leitch an extremely capable director, but his relationship with Ryan Reynolds is much better than Tim Miller’s was.  With Ryan Reynolds being another mind behind the production of the film, it is extremely important that these minds can get along, and the minds of Reynolds and Miller didn’t seem to always do that.  Having Reynolds and Leitch going in the same direction can lead to quicker production times, better storytelling, and of course better quips from the merc with a mouth.  Not to say that Tim Miller was a bad addition to the Deadpool 1 crew, far from it.  He played an extremely vital role in the creation of the best R-Rated superhero movie of all time.  But there comes a time when change is needed to continue, and that change was made in the director swap.

David Leitch, director of Deadpool 2

Furthermore, the comfortability levels of everyone is naturally going to be higher during the production of this film as compared to the previous entry.  I’m sure everyone on set of the first Deadpool film was already extremely relaxed and having a good time, but there was still that pressure of making Deadpool the best that they could make it.  The pressure of this entire new franchise was on their shoulder.  Now that they’ve already knocked the first one out of the park, the pressure is naturally eased a little bit, and so everyone should be a bit more comfortable in making this film and it should, in turn, let the creativity flow a bit easier.

The territory in which this film is set to explore should provide a more interesting dynamic as well. Going from a Deadpool-focused story, this film will be focusing more on the X-Force team aspect, introducing new characters that we have yet to see portrayed on the big screen like Domino and Cable.  It should be extremely interesting to see what happens with these characters onscreen, and it should be a more complex and entertaining story throughout as the first outing.  

Vanessa Will Join the X-Force

Vanessa Carlysle in Deadpool

In my opinion, the writing is on the wall for this one.  Vanessa was an integral part of the first Deadpool film and, while she didn’t have any apparent superpowers in that outing, things can change.  It’s nice to see her return for Deadpool’s most recent outing, and I am personally excited to see exactly what role she is going to play.  From the trailers, she seems to be playing somewhat of a mother figure for the kid with the powers, and persuades Deadpool to protect him.  Feeling this strongly about something, you can only sit back and do nothing for so long.  In addition to these actions, we hear in the first Deadpool film that Vanessa has been ‘known by many names.’  This is an obvious nod to her alias in the comics as Copycat but does it really mean anything? Does it mean that we will actually get to see her play Copycat in the next Deadpool film? I think there is a strong possibility that we could, and that it would be a greatly appreciated inclusion in the film.

This Will Be Deadpool’s Last Solo Outing

(Disclaimer, I literally just got done typing this section of the article when Ryan Reynold’s statement came out about there probably not being a Deadpool 3, so maybe I’m psychic idk…)

X-Force members in Deadpool 2

After two films, I feel like Deadpool has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the cinematic world.  However, there is only so much you can do with one character before it begins to get a bit stale (even the mighty Deadpool could suffer from this).  Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson has already made the joke in the trailer that this would be the last solo Deadpool film, as 3 would “kill the franchise”, but that doesn’t mean Deadpool has to leave the silver screen altogether.  With this new outing comes the opportunity for the X-Force to star in more films, and while they aren’t quite canon in the MCU just yet, it could pave the way for a series of X-Force, or even Deadpool & Cable films in their own rights.  There is so much that can be explored in this group of characters that haven’t even been touched yet by Marvel, Disney, or Fox that they could sustain us another 10 years at least.  Hopefully by that time, we will see Disney and Fox come to some sort of agreement and these characters can join the canon MCU for even more fun outings and opportunities.


Overall I think this is going to be a fantastic and fun film that lives up to what its predecessor built.  It’s going to be another great film featuring our favorite anti-hero with a lot of comedy, quips, and possibly events leading into the next chapter in the book of Deadpool.  I’m looking forward very much to seeing this film, as I definitely need an upbeat film after watching Infinity War.  My only fear is that the film will be overshadowed and almost forgotten about due to Infinity War and might not see much commercial success because of that.  Regardless, it’s definitely going to be a fun ride.

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