deadpool2_reviewSo I just saw Deadpool 2 last night and boy-howdy, was it a fun ride!  I’m not going to give anything spoilery in this review, just covering the basics of what makes a movie a movie and how entertaining this film truly was.  I am going to lead, however, with the fact that you should go to see this film, because it truly lives up to everything the first one did and more.  With that being said, let’s get into it.


The story in Deadpool 2 actually takes a different turn than you’d expect.  It doesn’t exactly match up with how you think the story will go, but it executes a different path and it actually feels better.  In a Deadpool movie, the stakes are always hard to establish for obvious reasons, but this film had no trouble in doing so with a great investing plot device in the first 20 minutes of the film.  Wade Wilson’s character arc also undergoes another transformation, as he begins to realize something incredibly valuable (that I can’t say here, too spoilery).

After Infinity War, I was expected to come into this movie to laugh my head off and begin to heal after the emotional trauma, but that’s not what happened.  Sure, I laughed a very good bit because yes, this is still a Deadpool film, but be prepared for your emotions to be tampered with.  David Leitch, Rhett Rheese, Ryan Reynolds, and Paul Wernick did a fantastic job in telling a new story for Deadpool, while keeping the same feel as the original all while setting different tones, themes, and nuances throughout the film.

I will also say this: whatever you think you know about the film, whatever theories you have and whatever you feel you can see coming in the film, forget about it.  Marvel is doing this weird thing now with their trailers that they literally are going to throw you for a loop every time.  The trailer does not set the tone for the entire movie and, in fact, just like Infinity War, the trailers for Deadpool 2 are misleading on purpose.  There are actually some scenes shot in the trailer that aren’t in the movie, and some characters that don’t get their moment to shine like in the trailers (but I won’t disclose that information, go see the movie for yourself to find out.)


This is a Deadpool film after all, it has to have good quality humor in it right?  Well rest assured, this film delivers in spades.  Not only do original comedy lines make an appearance, but references to everywhere you can imagine seem to crop up.  The best gags of the film, by far though, are in the end-credits scenes.  Again, too spoilery to discuss, but my girlfriend and I were literally dying in the theater after the end-credits because they were literally made of gold.  This movie definitely lives up to its predecessor in the comedy department.  People you wouldn’t expect to be funny are hilarious too: Dopinder, Colossus, and the kid are great just to name a few.

Not So Humor

I’m not going to go into much detail here because I’m walking a fine line with spoilers, but I did not expect there to be so much not funny stuff in this movie.  And by not funny stuff I don’t mean jokes that fell flat or things that weren’t funny, I’m talking serious moments, areas that are meant to be taken seriously with little to no joking in them whatsoever.  Things get dark in this film, and they get dark quick.  That’s all I feel like I can say on the matter without giving too much away, just all I can tell you is prepare yourselves to have your heart-strings played with in this film.


Like I mentioned earlier, Deadpool 2 is an extremely fun ride to go on and a true pleasure to watch.  It is a great film, even separated from its predecessor, and truly lives up to the Deadpool name.  The characters are all great, the plot is interesting and original for DP, the jokes are solid, and the darkness is serious.  The tear-jerking moments are there for sure, but they are coupled with just as many funny moments that will make you cry as well.  I strongly encourage you to go see this film if you are a Marvel or Deadpool fan, or both.  It is definitely worth it and you’ll have a great time!

Rating: 8/10


So that’s my Spoiler-Free review of Deadpool 2!  If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think?  Be sure to Follow The Bandicoot Banter on Facebook and with your E-mail to be on the lookout for my SPOILER review!