It figures.  I collect my thoughts on an upcoming video game after not being nearly as active on my own blog as I should for months, formulate points that prove my thesis, lay them down in a (what I would consider) decently written article, and then 2K just takes a giant turd down my throat.  ALRIGHT 2K! LET’S SEE WHAT YOU’VE GOT!

Long story short, just a couple of days after I had posted my original “Will WWE 2K19 Be A Disappointment” article, 2K and other reviewers online brought a lot of the issues I had, as well as some new features to my attention.  So I thought I would update my initial question with a second article.  Will WWE 2K19 Be A Disappointment?

MyCareer (Revisted)

In my previous article, I spoke about how we had heard nothing about MyCareer up until that point, and it was proving to be a very bad sign for the game indeed.  However, just a couple of days after that article was posted, 2K released a trailer for MyCareer and captured my attention.  Not only that, but I was able to see the first hour of the MyCareer Mode from a Youtuber who was given a review copy of the game early.  It is because of these turn of events that I have to rescind my original condescension in this area, as the MyCareer Mode looks to be one of the better iterations of the mode we have seen in a very long time.

Not only does the mode finally have returning voice overs (of everyone in the mode such as Triple H, Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy, Braun Strowman, and even your created character) but it actually has a linear path to it that we saw in the days of Smackdown vs. RAW that I was always a fan of.  This year, you won’t be endlessly stuck in 6-Man Tag Team Matches, you will be progressing through your own story, and I think that is pretty cool.  In this respect, I am very excited for the game.

New Matches/Match Tweaks

For years, fans of this franchise have been begging 2K to bring back classic match types and stop using the old recycled formula in the ways of the matches.  While they didn’t do a complete overhaul, 2K has a very good starting point with 2K19.  Not only have they brought back 3-Team Tag Matches (Triple Threat Tornado Tag, Triple Threat Ladder Tag, Triple Threat Table Tag, etc.), but they have also included 5-Man matches and have tweaked some features in existing match types as well.

Matches like the Hell In A Cell and Steel Cage match types, matches that have remained predominantly the same since their inception, have both received pretty nifty overhauls that see superstars fighting on the sides of the cages.  Not only that, but the method in which you climb out of the Steel Cage has been completely changed so that it is not incredibly easy to win a Steel Cage Match, and the Hell In A Cell has been made easier to break out of to make it more fun!  For these reasons, I’m also excited for the game.

Universe Mode


Again, due to other reviewers having the ability to get the game a bit earlier than anyone else, I was able to do extensive research into Universe Mode and it is looking better than any iteration of the mode that has come before it.  Not only are match cards more seamless to put together and the shows themselves easier to handle, but 2K have introduced a new Money in the Bank system that will allow you to manage your Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank holders and what championships they are set to go after.  This game also allows you to create your own Money in the Bank briefcase, to bring back the customized briefcases for superstars and make their cash-ins more memorable.

2K have also tweaked this mode a little bit to allow for assigned managers to superstars, as well as better rivalry systems.  Other than these changes, the core elements of Universe Mode have stayed the same, however, with these changes implemented, I can see Universe Mode being absolutely spectacular.

At this juncture, the pros and the cons are outweighing each other, but it is clear that 2K have begun to change their direction in which they make these games.  To me, this is a very good thing and it is enough to change my mind and pre-order the game to play it on October 4th.  I’m cautiously optimistic that 2K have proved me wrong with this iteration, and I’m hoping we will see the best 2K WWE video game to date.